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We do not provide support for any papyrus scripting problem. You may ask for help about scripting problems on Nexus mods forum.

unable to locate script x and is not a known user-defined type are papyrus scripting problems.

Having a bug?

Before reporting a bug, provide a debug log in your issue.

How can I get a debug log?

Use PCA SE-debug.exe.cmd instead of PCA SE.exe.


For Skyrim LE, use PCA LE-debug.exe.cmd instead of PCA LE.exe

Run the .exe.cmd file, redo the bug and if you still have a bug: open the log file.

To open the log file, click the PCA logo button (at the top left) and select File - Logs....

Reporting a bug

To report any bugs, please fill an issue on PCA GitHub.